Tatyana was educated at Miss Ironside's School, London and Hatherop Castle School in Gloucestershire. She completed her education at La Chassote, a school in Fribourg, Switzerland where she became fluent in French and German. She worked as a an au pair in Bavaria and lived in Rome,  before settling in the United States.

Tatyana was visiting a friend at Duke University in North Carolina when she was spotted by Jared Harris who cast her as the female lead in a film he was making (Darkmoor). She was sent to the Lee Strasburg school in New York for a crash course, and returned there after filming. She then returned briefly to England to attend the RADA summer course.

Once settled in New York City, Tatyana pursued a full time career as an actress appearing in revival productions of Lillian Hellman's Watch on the Rhine, The Seagull, Hedda Gabbler and Romeo & Juliet. In addition to film work (Primary Motive, Delivering Milo, Exiles in New York) Tatyana appeared in a number of off Broadway productions, featuring as the lead in several plays by her friend and mentor the Cuban born dramatist Eduardo Machado. She was made a member of the Actors Studio and was active there in master classes.

Tatyana moved to Los Angeles in late 2001 and has developed a distinguished career as a voice actress. She won the role of the Narrator in Miramax's production of the film Chocolat. In addition to a variety of assignments voicing commercials - using her large repertoire of accents, Tatyana has voiced the characters Barrie Offee in the animated Star Wars-Clone Wars, Morgan le Fey in the TV episodes and video games of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, the Baroness in several episodes of the TV animated series GI Joe - Renegades  and various voices in the video games The Bard's Tale, Quantum of Solace, Lord of the Rings – Battle for Middle Earth, Might & Magic Heroes, and a number of other animated characters. Tatyana has also been the narrator in the TV documentaries Discovery Atlas and Russia Revealed. She also appeared in episodes of the popular TV series Six Feet Under and in the series Hung.

Tatyana continues to appear on stage, traveling to France several times to appear in productions by the anglophone theatre company Studio Theatrale du Luberon of Chekov's The Bear and The Proposal and as Ruth in Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit. An excerpt from a play Tatyana has written, A Bear's Life, was performed by this company directed by Michael Dimitrovich.

She appeared in a revival in Los Angeles of the National Theatre's production of Masterpieces playing the lead role to critical acclaim.

In Los Angeles, Tatyana was active in theatre groups, dramatic coaching and writing.

In addition to her work as an actress and writer. She worked as a crisis counselor for Suicide Prevention Center for ten years. Tatyana launched a voice training business called “Voice Goddess”, designed to exploit her own voice skills and linguistic range to enhance the presentational skills of women in business, media and education.

In the last two and a half years Tatyana relocated to Philadelphia for her family.  She started to perform burlesque as well as continuing to write plays.  After performing her one act "The Rehearsal” in New York city, she decided to turn it into a movie to explore the cinematic nuance of the piece. Her inspiration came from reading a book on film by Werner Herzog.

Tatyana will soon be making her next short movie “The Audition" as a part of a trilogy that she hopes to make in the next couple of years that depict the art of acting and what it involves and how it affects the artists that are part of this work.